What’s the deal with mineral makeup?

Ok, unless you have been living on another planet you would be totally aware that the new makeup mantra is mineral. That would be makeup made from crushed rocks and it totally does rock!

Now you might be forgiven for thinking that the makeup mavens that conjure up creations to make us all beautiful have stumbled across an incredible new discovery in the form of mineral makeup. Given the hype and the proliferation of brands now touting mineral mania it’s easy to understand why you might think this. But, mineral makeup is not new. It’s been around for 30 years. But suddenly, thanks to our preference for all things natural, it has taken off in a big way.

So, what’s the deal?

Mineral makeup is made from crushed rocks that are finely milled and ground. A true mineral makeup brand will not have any synthetic preservatives, fragrance or colourants. The real clincher is no talc or nylon. These are ingredients used in traditional makeup as a filler. They are cheap ingredients used to fill out the product but are also known pore cloggers with no benefit to skin.

In typical beauty-jump-on-the-bandwagon fashion, there are a number of brands out there purporting to offer mineral makeup but a quick scan of ingredients quickly reveals the presence of talc and once you see that little mention you can bet that this as mineral as Posh Spice has not had a boob job!

The true mineral makeup marvels use all natural pigments, such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide – both also physical sunscreens. This means that it is literally good for your skin. The fine particles are not pore-clogging, and act to heal and calm skin.

Mineral makeup totally rocks!

First up, mineral foundation. It takes a little getting used to as it is a powder. You use a soft fine brush to sweep across the powder and then over your face. Many mineral brands recommend a Kabuki Brush – which uses natural, fine hairs and is super soft and allows for even coverage.

REALLY IMPORTANT TIP: Make sure you wash your brush in a little shampoo regularly – at least once a week. There is absolutely no skin care benefit to a brush that is loaded with bacteria and dead cells after multiple uses.

A natural question about this natural coverage is jut how does it stack up to traditional liquid foundations? Really well. It definitely offers full coverage but with a more natural less done up look.

The great thing about mineral foundation is that it is oil-free and non-pore clogging and that is of major benefit to teen skin under siege from pimples or acne. The one thing most of us do when we have pimples is try to cover it up with makeup. That usually means plying on makeup that is laden with ingredients that are only making the problem worse not better. Not so with mineral makeup – it allows your skin to breathe and the minerals are actually good for your skin.

On top of that you get a non-mask-like effect + the natural vitamins and antioxidants in the minerals will add anti-ageing benefit and protection against free radical damage. And, if all that were not enough, some of the minerals are natural sunscreens so you get protection against harmful rays!

Now, mineral makeup is more than just about base. Mineral Eyeshadows use pure crushed minerals rather than artificial colourants to get some incredibly earthy and glittery shades. The fine mineral particles mean super-fine formulations with smudge-proof and crease-proof benefits.

TIP: Use mineral eyeshadows wet or dry. Blend a little water with your shadow and you can use the shadow as a brow definer or eyeliner. Mix a little clear gloss with a mineral shadow to create a nourishing and radiant lip fix in the colour of your creation!

Mineral makeup brands will use the crushed minerals as the basis for colours in everything from pencils, lip sticks and glosses. They are mixed with natural ingredients such as natural butters, oils and flowers to give you makeup choices minus irritating chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours or fragrances.

What is there not to love about mineral makeup then?

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