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How to Cure Low Sperm Count Naturally Using Herbal Supplement

Low sperm count is considered to be the main cause of male fertility. Normally, there should be 20 million spermatozoa in a milliliter of sperm. Anything below this limit might signalize a problem and might prevent a man from making babies. Low sperm count is a problem especially for couples which want to become parents. Although there are many possible causes for low semen count, there are also a wide variety of possibilities for solving the problem and for increasing the number of spermatozoa. It is entirely possible to cure low semen count using herbal supplements as long as you also adopt a healthy lifestyle and you eliminate the root causes of your problem.

Low sperm count can have genetic causes, but in many cases there are other factors that determine this condition. Stress is a redoubtable enemy of male fertility, especially if it is associated with habits like smoking, drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs. Unhealthy eating habits can also lead, in time, to a low sperm count because they deprive the body of essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B12 are essential for the well being of the reproductive system and those that don’t get enough of them from what they are eating should consider taking supplements. The situation is exactly the same in what concerns zinc, an important mineral.

In order to cure low sperm count using herbal supplements, you have to know which the herbs that improve your sperm quality are. Some of them also improve the sperm’s motility, another determinant factor in conceiving babies. Worldwide known herbs for increasing low sperm quantity, which have already cured lots of men, are mucuna pruriens, horny goat weed, maca or tribulus terrestris. Look for herbal supplements containing one or more of these herbs, but don’t imagine that they are the only ones effective in curing low sperm count. Ginseng supplements act as a general tonic for the body and increases sperm quality and motility in the same time.

Saw palmetto, on the other hand, is used in treating all sorts of deficiencies in the male reproductive system. It provides overall health for this system and increases your chances of becoming father. If not sperm count, but sperm motility is the main problem, than supplements containing astragalus are recommended. Night Fire capsule is a valuable herbal supplement for increase sperm quantity and male fertility.

While attempting to cure low sperm quantity using herbal remedies, also keep in mind that taking hot baths or saunas, practicing sports like cycling or wearing tight underwear should also be avoided.

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