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James James Morrison Morrison – Was A A Milne Predicting a Trend?

Disobedience, otherwise known as James James Morrison Morrison was published in When We Very Young in 1924, along with other poems. It tells the story of J J M M as tries to cope with his wayward mother who always seems to run away. There also seems to be a guest appearance from King John, who is from another poem, King John’s Christmas in Now We Are Six.

Unlike the well behaved Christopher Robin, who says his prayers and is respectful of authority (like the King when he went to Buckingham Palace with Alice), James could be seen as not a good role model. In fact you could see as old before his time. He is the parent and his mother is the child.

This could be seen to be played out later in the decade, when adults supporting flower power and children were computer geeks. But it has always been there, the children taking care of the mum. The real difference is that the Mum and Dad were there, at least in upper class families. Usually the child was looked after by their nanny, or stuck in the public school. Children had to be seen but not heard, as least in the parent’s point of view.

Who far does his mother disobey? Quite a lot really. Ok, she firstly only wanted to go to the end of the town, but then abandoning him and not coming back, that could be seen as neglect really. But does she really go for ever or because children experience time differently she is due back soon? Maybe it’s just an exaggeration.

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