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Pros and Cons of the Tube Top

The tube top is definitely on the list in terms of classic summer attire. In the past, nearly every woman owned a tube top of one color or another but today women are shying away from this trend and are just not sure of the style anymore. With so many different fashion tops on the market today, it can be easy to overlook the classic styles and choose something else that offers less restriction than this top. We have outlined the pros and cons of this classic top so you can decide for yourself if this summer top is a worthwhile investment for your current summer wardrobe.


• Everyone loves a strapless style during the summer months of the year. If not to avoid those unsightly tan lines than to utilize the ability to show a bit more skin than you normally would.
• They are perfect for layering as they are solid in color for the most part and form fitting which allows them to be covered with another fashion top easily without bumps and wrinkles showing from beneath.
• There is no color that you cannot find a tube top in today! The color options are endless and the bolder the better is the motto for this summer.
• They are incredibly affordable which allows you to own more than one
• Women of all shapes and sizes and ages can utilize this casual trend
• This fashion top can be worn as formal wear when paired with the proper bottoms such as the pencil skirt or cigarette pant.


• The tube top can be quite restricting and for some women the tightness of this top is too much to be worn for an entire day. Although the tightness of the top is essential to ensure it doesn’t fall down.
• The main complaint about the tube top is that it highlights any excess fat that lies in and around your chest area causing it to fall over the tight fitting chest of this fashion top.

There are very few cons to be associated with this fashion top but the ones that we have mentioned are enough for some women to avoid the tube top altogether. There are a few things that can be done in order to minimize these problem areas associated with this summer top. If you choose to wear this top higher up towards your armpits you greatly reduce the amount of excess fat and muscle that tends to hang over the top of this shirt; this also reduces cleavage as well.

If you don’t currently have a tube top we definitely think it is worth trying and recommend this summer tank to everyone. You can wear this summer top throughout the entire year if you find the perfect cardigan or sweater to layer it with during the colder months. After time you will find the tube top to be not only comfortable but functional as well for those active women out there.

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