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What You Need to Know About Black Dog Tags

Military dog tags mostly come in a pair but if you want to uniquely carry a single one, then black is the best option. It gives you the comfort of wearing only one, yet still gives you the style that you want.

Military tags traditionally come in pairs, but if you want to uniquely wear authentic dog tags, then black is an alternative choice. A single tag gives you the convenience of wearing personalized dog tags, yet still provide you the style that you want. It’s beginning can be traced back during the Vietnam War when Special Operations forces wore them during behind enemy line operations. Also, instead of using white silencers, soft black rubber silencers fastened to subdued black tags.

Today, black dog tags are worn in diverse creative ways – like using only a single tag instead of two. Black tags are made from stainless steel covered in a hardened black epoxy layer.

Black Dog Tag Uniqueness

These tags go well with, naturally, a black chain. If you want yours to be in uniform, then a stainless steel or a nickel chain won’t work. As you pay for your new accessory, find out if you can have a black chain for no cost or without extra charge. There are online customized dog tag stores that provide a 27-inch chain and a 4.5-inch chain along with the tags. Some shops may offer a 5.5-inch instead of 4.5-inch chain, if you wish.

Whatever you can imagine can pretty much be done when it comes to how you will wear your black tag. Customizing your accessory may done by attaching character text that may be up to 5 lines. Each and every lines may have up to 15 characters all in caps.

The characters may be put in two ways. If you wish to use to the normal way of stamping the text, then you should us an embossed tag in which the letters are lifted. If you desire your tag to be different, have your text debossed in which the letters are imprinted down into the tag. Below you will find the characters that are generally used:


1234567890 – /, &. ‘! @ ( ) % * $ #?:

Where To Buy Them

There are many online shops that propose high class and cost-effective items. Get the most out of your purchase by determining the right shop to do your customization. Choose the one that provides free black chains and silencers. Prime grade tags are best bought from the US for there are many available specialized companies to choose from.

Online stores give you the choice to personalize black tags with your custom text. Be absolutely sure to purchase black dog tags from the authentic online stores that live up to the particulars stated on their websites.

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